Saturday, January 31, 2009



make a list of all of my favorite records. play all of them, at the same time, on individual discmen hooked up to amps, stop them all at once after a predetermined length of time.

i have no idea what made me think of this.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slide Presentation at Muse Fuse Tonight

Dear Friends,

I'm one of 10 artis​ts selected to give a short​ slide​ prese​ntati​on about​ their​ lates​t work at NURTU​REart​'​s Muse Fuse tonig​ht.​ If you'​re aroun​d Willi​amsbu​rg tonig​ht at 7pm, you shoul​d total​ly come by and see what other​ artis​ts from NURTU​REart​'​s slide​ regis​try are up to. Here'​s the info:​

Date:​ Wedne​sday,​ Janua​ry 21
Time:​ 7:00 pm
Place​:​ 229 Leona​rd Stree​t,​ Willi​amsbu​rg
Direc ​tions​-​L Train​ to Lorim​er Stree​t,​ walk up Metro​polit​an Avenu​e (​away from the Manha​ttan Skyli​ne)​ 1-2 block​s depen​ding on which​ stair​s you take (​front​ of the train​ offer​s close​st exit)​,​ make a right​ turn onto Leona​rd Stree​t,​ walk three​ and a half short​ block​s,​ its a brick​ house​ with glass​ block​s and brigh​t blue trim betwe​en Power​s and Grand​ stree​ts,​ on the groun​d floor​,​ the right​hand blue door will be open.​
Speak​er:​ Artis​ts'​ Slide​ Night​ (​help me renam​e this event​,​ Artis​ts J-​peg Night​ just doesn​'​t have a great​ ring to it!)
Ten curre​nt membe​rs of the NURTU​REart​ Artis​ts'​ Regis​try,​ have been selec​ted by a rando​m drawi​ng to make 8 minut​e prese​ntati​ons of their​ work.​
Pleas​e join us for this great​ oppor​tunit​y to meet and see what NURTU​REart​ artis​ts are doing​ in their​ studi​os!​

Come keep me compa​ny!​ I'm total​ly bad at publi​c speak​ing!​

Afternoon, Winter Jackets.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One last picture from Miami

I just got these from Yumi at KaiKaiKiKi. I can't resist. I love that I didn't bother to put down the lollipop during the group photo... you just can't put sweets in front of me and not expect me to eat them all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not related to my blog at all, but...

My cousin Billy's wife just had a baby! His name is Jack, and I am now an uncle I guess. How cute is he?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Garbage Man, Mid-Afternoon.

Found this while searching through my hard drive.

New Year / New Postings

So my boyfriend, Colin, and I broke up just before Christmas, as any of my close friends who read this already know. We'd been dating for about two years, and live together at our apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and I'm a little heartbroken. I haven't felt much like photographing, responding to emails, or updating my blog since, and the holidays have given me a great excuse to ignore all of the above. Though the past weeks have been rough, I'm trying to dust myself off and get back to work, so I should be back to scanning and posting before this time next week.

In the meantime, here are some beautiful images from Dean Sameshima's series "In Between Days (Without You)"