Thursday, February 18, 2010

John, Take 1.

Untitled (John and I)., 2009.

The first in a few images of John and I that I really like right now. I'm thinking of incorporating writing into the project, which may come to fruition as photographs of journal entries, or it may be something more clean, less sentimental. I'm not sure how to go about that part of the project, but I'm hoping to start fleshing it out within the next few days. More to come...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blank Space Zine, More INFO!

"Blank Space is a print-on-demand zine whose subject (and name) change with each issue, operating like a group show on paper. The inaugural issue will be called "Just Like Starting Over" and will deal with issues of rebirth, ephemerality, afterlife and a general love of John Lennon. Submissions are accepted in any medium, though artists working in time based mediums should note that because we are a print on demand publication, video will not be able to be included outside of stills.

The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2010. Please email 3 images to, at the following specifications to be considered:
-72 dpi .jpg files only, saved at level 12
-800 pixels at the longest side"

New Print On Demand Zine - Call For Submissions

I am starting a new print on demand zine with a changing theme/title each issue, and I hope to have the 1st issue finished by mid-march. This month's title is "Just Like Starting Over" and will deal with rebirth, ephemerality, afterlife and a general love of John Lennon.

All work must be submitted as jpg's, 72 dpi, 800 pixels max in any direction. Please email 3 images to Deadline is March 1, 2010.

John Divola's As Far As I Could Get

Images from John Divola's project As Far As I Could Get in which he set up his camera and then ran as far into the frame as he could get while the camera was on it's self timer.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

David Benjamin Sherry

Found David Benjamin Sherry's book It's Time at Spoonbill the other day, and while I think some of the work is a little goofy for my tastes, his use of color is really weird and interesting. I don't know if I completely buy this work, it's maybe a little too "cool" and calculated for me (the picture of Kim Gordon walking through the forest in particular), but I think it is really exciting. What I find so exciting about it, however, is the way it's so varied, but doesn't manage to come off as diaristic. It's like some weird combination of Science Fiction, Found Photographs, Slits album covers and Performance and it feels like something weird and awesome and new. I can't wait to see where his work goes next.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thomas Dozol

My favorite image from the Thomas Dozol show up at Envoy until February 14th.

Model American

So I've been obsessing over Katy Grannan's Model American book over the past few days. I can't seem to put it down, though I've had it sitting on my bookshelf for years. I've been looking alot at her work from the early 2000's in particular. There is something really beautiful about the way her subjects carry themselves, how fragile the seem while they're trying to pose for the camera. I usually hate the way strobes look in photographs, but the way Grannan uses them in these photographs makes so much sense... it's as if she's consciously catching a deer in headlights or placing her subjects in a situation where they can't help but be caught off guard. In any event, I really, really enjoy this quote they have at the end of the book:

"I guess portraits are a way of honoring people that I hardly know but already miss." - Katy Grannan.

Anyone who is friends with me on facebook has already read this most likely, but I still love it, so whatever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 Versions of Meredith.

Two images from a recent shoot I did with my ex-girlfriend and longtime friend Meredith for the I'll Take Care of You project... Can't quite decide which image I like better, though I'm leaning towards the image in the bedroom... I just really like the angle I'm sitting at, and the lighting. It sort of reminds me of this image I took of my friends Scott and Brian, back when they were dating a few years ago. I'm wondering if maybe I want to show multiple moments from one session with certain people, perhaps working them into dyptichs or something as a way of extending that relationship... hmmmm.