Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monetary Expenditures 10/25/08

-1:48pm - $23.00 deposit for hostel for myself and Thirza Pearl during GEISAI Miami
-3:56pm - $43.35 film development @ Manhattan Color Lab
-4:18pm - $8.65 manilla envelopes for group show applications @ Staples
-4:24pm - $40.00 deposit for jury duty three weeks ago @ Washington Mutual Union Square
-4:45pm - $13.00 minor groceries @ Brooklyn's Natural

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Night Reflections

Monetary Expenditures 10/24/08

-11:44am - $3.78 yogurt & english breakfast tea @ Balducci's
-1:57pm - $5.15 boca chick'n nuggets @ Associated
-7:03pm - $10.00 coffees @ The Archive

GEISAI Miami Help

Dear Friends,

I am totally stoked to announce that I have been invited to participate in this years GEISAI Miami fair, curated by Joao Ribas, Matthew Higgs and Shamim M. Momin. If you're in Miami during Art Basel (December 3rd - 7th), you should most definitely stop by and say hello, buy a zine and bring me Polaroids of the beach since I will be holed up indoors all day.

However, I am not so stoked on the fact that I am poor. If anyone knows of cheap hotels within walking distance of the event (Parliament Building of SoHo Studios, 2136 NW 1st Ave (@ NW 21st Street), Miami, FL 33127), or will be staying in Miami for Basel and would be willing to let me sleep on their couch or floor between November 30th - December 7th, it would be very much appreciated. I can cook you tasty meals if it's a house or apartment, or will trade you a print or book in exchange.

See you all soon!

Also, if anyone knows of any emergency artist funding, I want to get my work framed for the fair, but can't afford it on my own. Any leads?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monetary Expenditures 10/23/08

-9:35am - $5.29 oatmeal @ Balducci's
-5:11pm - $6.50 coffee & chocolate mouse because I was depressed, Bleeker St.

David Horvitz

I'm not a huge huge fan of his photographs, they're just a little too diaristic / of the moment for my tastes, but his writing and more process/proposal based projects are pretty beautiful and genius. Like this one, which is a proposal he made for a show in LA.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monetary Expenditures 10/22/08

-9:45am - $4.99 granola @ Balducci's
-2:00pm - $7.89 lunch @ Balducci's
-5:30pm - $5.04 hot chocolate @ Starbucks
-6:30pm - $40.74 groceries @ Whole Foods
-6:45pm - $9.73 dvd's @ Blockbuster

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monetary Expenditures 10/21/08

-9:15 am - $1.50 coffee @ Tina's
-12:45 pm - $6.15 lunch @ Balducci's
-3:30pm - $4.00 coffee @ Starbucks
-5:35 pm - $10.49 arthritis strength Tylenol @ D'agostino's
-5:40 pm - $7.45 box of teabags & Fudgie Bar @ Myers of Kenswick

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nurture Art Auction 2008

Please Join Us:
Monday, October 27th at 7 pm
James Cohan Gallery
533 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001

Discover Emerging Artists
Exhibition Curated By:

Koan Jeff-Baysa
Lowell Pettit
Amy Rosenblum Martin
Lilly Wei

Honoring Daniel Aycock for his outstanding contribution to our community as the publisher of WAGMAG, the Williamsburg and Greenpoint Monthly Art Guide

Honorary Chairs

Charlotta Kotik

Domenic M. Recchia Jr.
New York City Council Member, Chairman, Cultural Affairs Committee

Benefit Committee

Chair Richard Stewart

Joe Amrhein, Pierogi, Sayaka Araki, Brian Balderston, Catherine Behrend, Garrison Buxton, Ad Hoc, Don Carroll, Jack the Pelican Presents, Heather Darcy Bhandari, Mixed Greens, Derek Denckla, Dwelling Research, Greg Bongen, Robert Curcio, Martin Dust, Abrons Art Center, Purdy and Josh Eaton, Joseph Franquinha, Crest Hardware, Front Room Gallery, Nicole Goldberg, The Drawing Center, Jason Goodman, 3rd Ward, Dick & Paige Gordon, Elizabeth Grady, David Harper, Randall Harris, Figureworks, Carlos Hausner, Tamar Hirschl, Barry Hoggard, ArtCal, Anne Hubbell and Joshua Marston, Jackson McDade, HQ, Zella Jones, Market by Market, Mandy Kalajian, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Benjamin La Rocco, Melissa Lafssky, Haejae Lee, Louky Keijers, LMAK Projects, Victoria Lynford, Magnan Projects, Karen Marston, Marti Mayo, Jane McCarthy, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, Brian Osias, Ellen Rand, Art101, Adam Rather, Megan Riley, Ann Rose, Todd Rosenbaum, Hogar Collection, Colleen Ryan, Marisa Sage, Like the Spice, Erin Sircy, Craig Shillitto, Supreme Trading, Katie and Jonah Sonnenborn, Sue Stoffel, Leah Stuhltrager, Dam Stuhltrager Gallery, Austin Thomas, Pocket Utopia, Benjamin Tischer, Invisible-Exports, Rebecca Trent, James Wagner, Alun Williams, Parker's Box

Special Thanks:

James Cohan Gallery
Printing for Less
Crozier Fine Arts, Inc.
Invite Design by Alexander Rahul

The following artists have been selected for participation in the NURTUREart 2008 Benefit Exhibition by our distinguished guest curatorial team of Koan Jeff-Baysa, Lowell Pettit, Amy Rosenblum Martin and Lilly Wei.

Liz Ainslie
Rahul Alexander
Anselmo Alliegro
Guy Ambrosino
Kristin Anderson
Gec Art
Gina Beavers
Susan Benarcik
Nicholas Bergery
Launa Beuhler
Mariella Bisson
Martin Bland
Anna Bogatin
Dmitry Borshch
Dianne Bowen
Marcy Brafman
Stephanie Buhmann
Sparky Campanella
Jenny Zoe Casey
Aimee Cavazzi
Mauro Ceolin
Amy Chaiklin
Joyce Chan
Victoria H Chang
Donna Clovis
Jaclyn Conley
Angeles Cossio
Andrea Cote
Katherine Daniels
Evan D'Arpino
Elisa Decker
Helen Dennis
Wendy DesChene
Susan C. Dessel
Nico Pam Dick
Marc Dimov
Martin Dust
Gregg Evans
Merav Ezer
Bethany Fancher
David Faust
Travis Frazelle
Gutzeit Fred
Ayakoh Furukawa
Carla Gannis
Asya Geisberg
Daniel Gerwin
Linda Gottesfeld
Chris Hagerty
Jon Handel
Erica Harney
Laura Heyman
Amy Hill
Tamar Hirschl
Anowar Hossain
Valerie Huhn
Margaret Inga
Kelso Jacks
Debra Jenks
Joelle Jensen
Lee Jisoo
Gautam Kansara
Ha Rhin Kim
Elizabeth Knowles
Osamu Kobayashi
Yuliya Lanina
Leslye Leaness
Eva Lee
Sebastian Lemm
Thomas Lendvai
Rejin Leys
Amy Lincoln
Valentina Loi
Rebecca Loyche
Ingrid Ludt
Susan Maddux
Ken Madore
Suzanne Malitz
Lael Marshall
Thomas Martin
Shanna Maurizi
Eric Mavko
Nesta Mayo
Julie A. McConnell
Kristin Ann Melin
Gudrun Mertes-Frady
Steven Millar
Desi Minchillo
Natalie Moore
Koji Moriya
Ryan Sarah Murphy
Naomi Namba
Yuko Oda
Galia Offri
Janell Olah
Tara Parsons
Avani Patel
Subhorn Pattara
Qi Peng
Carol Petino
David Pierce
Mary Pinto
Mel Prest
Megan Prince
Gunter Puller
Ross Racine
Kevin Reay
James Reeder
Christopher Reiger
James Reiman
Alexander Reyna
Elizabeth Riley
Dorothy Robinson
Grace Roselli
Robin Ross
Henry G. Sanchez
Patrick Schmidt
David Schulz
(Wrenn, C) Scrapworm
Vicki Sher
Sonja Shield
Gabriel J. Shuldiner
Joyce Siegel
Deborah Simon
Judith Simonian
Stephanie Smiedt
Ted Somogyi
Maria Spector
Melissa Staiger
Anna Stein
Mary Ann Strandell
Grace Sullivan
Rachel Sussman
Debra Swack
Maria Tanikawa
Michael Tarbi
Sali Taylor
Millee Tibbs
Chris Twomey
Jennifer Uman
Joanne Ungar
Kathleen Vance
Athena Waligore
Deborah Wasserman
Phil Whitman
Beatrice Wolert
Seldon Yuan
Hope Zaccagni
Almond Zigmund

My friend Joelle Jensen and I are both included in the upcoming NurtureArt Auction at James Cohan! Come buy some awesome, totally inexpensive art!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Michael Wolf

I had a really hard time picking 3 images, thus we have 5.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Postcards From Garrison, NY.

Everyday Objects

Pictures of the "Everyday Objects" performance I did during the Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, as part of Martine Kaczynski's "Sky Rights" Piece. Passersby were encouraged to trade and barter my personal collections for objects or services of their choosing, based on my desire for what they were willing to part with. Totally weird experience.

Video to come later (hopefully).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Carving, 2008

Colin's came out better than mine. Mine's the (semi) glowing orb.