Wednesday, May 12, 2010


-make a performance of not knowing how to perform. stand awkwardly in front of the camera, in a corner or on a street near my apartment and film the action. don't tell anyone about it in advance and let the video stand in for the actual piece.

-take off all your clothes and lay them out piece by piece in front of you. empty your pockets. fold up your glasses and leave them on the floor. put them back on in the reverse order you took them off. photograph each item as you remove it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


-photographs of myself and people i talk to but have never met on gay hook-up sites or things like grindr. allow the subject to present themselves however they want, clothed or not, i remain clothed & uncomfortable.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Grad School Print Sale

Dear Friends,

It brings me great pleasure to announce that I have been accepted into the MFA Photography program at Columbia College Chicago. Columbia College has some amazing work being made by it's faculty, student body and alumni, and I am extremely proud to be attending this fall.

On that note, Colin and I will be moving out to Chicago at the end of June, as I will have my first solo show at the EBERSMOORE gallery opening in July. In order to save up money for the big move (who knew UHaul could cost so much?) I'm holding a print sale until the month of June. The image is from my new series I'll Take Care Of You, in which I photograph myself with everyone I have dated, regardless of the duration of the relationship. The series is nearing completion and I'm excited to offer the image to the public. The image is Untitled (Meredith and I), 2010, is an edition of 25, and $100 each.

Here are the details:
Untitled (Meredith and I), Digital C-Print, 11x14", 2010.
Edition of 25.

If interested, email Thanks for your support!

Check In

So this seems like a good time to reevaluate things, as I'm preparing for a big move from New York to Chicago to start grad school in the fall at Columbia College Chicago (so psyched!). At this point, I'm thinking I'll be using the blog to post new things I'm working on, and not just defined projects, and think about new ideas. Sometimes I think Facebook has made posting people's work I really like kind of obsolete, but whatever.

some thoughts:
-looser photographs. things might not have to be so defined all the time.
-subtitles. i love the idea of adding subtext to an image that may or may not be related.
-invest in a hasselblad. my mamiya is sometimes hard to focus through the viewfinder because it's a little dark. does this basically mean i'm blind?
-photographs of people alone at bars / awkward people not quite part of a conversation / people lingering.
-go outside.
-photograph rainy days.
-photograph the holes in my walls as i patch them up.
-junk pressed into the sidewalk.
-buy more john divola books.
-make more text pieces.
-maybe the photographs of my ex's should have subtitles? like in foreign films?