Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Upcoming Show: Onward '09

Thank you again for your participation in this year’s ONWARD.

The competition was very well received and we attracted 413 photographers nationally and internationally who submitted over 1600 photographs. Peter Barberie, Curator of Photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and this year’s juror, has selected 73 photographs by 69 photographers. The selected photographs represent a wide range of subject matter as well as processes.

The photographers listed below will be exhibited at the ONWARD ‘09 show in January at Project Basho Gallery. The official opening is on January 10th from 2-5 pm. There will be an announcement of award winners and honorable mentions at the reception. The show runs though February 22nd.

We look forward to meeting you at the reception on January 10th.

Mustafah Abdulaziz (Philadelphia, PA) - “Patagonia, Rodeo”
Susan Abrams (Merion, PA) - “Fierce Bloom (Magnolia)”
Scott Alberg (Allston, MA) - “Raytheon, Waltham, MA”
Noemi Armstrong (Philadelphia, PA) - “ebb4″
Seza Bali (San Francisco, CA) - “Conny, Ashley and Gwen’s; Knives”
John Banasiak (Vermillion, SD) - “Scenes From the Dreams of a Fortune Teller #447″
Steve Barry (Lake Worth, FL) - “House for Sale, Bozeman, MT 2008″
Shane Bulter (Norfolk, VA) - “Store Owner at Sunshine Florist”
Gabriel Benaim (Tel Aviv, Israel) - “Alexander River”
Chris Bennett (Portland, OR) - “State Penitentiary”
Christopher Bye (Holicong, PA) - “Thompson Motel”
Claudio Cambon (Long Beach, CA) - “Sunrise”
Shelley Calton (Houston, TX) - “Scarlett”
G.A. Carafelli (Philadelphia, PA) - “Ground Floor Lobby 1″
Lana Caplan (Boston, MA) - “Site of Public Execution by Burning at the Stake of Giordano Bruno, February 17, 1600″
Suzan Casano (Stanton, NJ) - “Blurry Man, Crossing”
Sarah Cohen (Huntington Valley, PA) - “Iron”
Julia Cybularz (Langhorne, PA)”Yellow Curtains”
Kyle Depew (Philadelphia, PA) - “Back Alley”
Catherine Dentino (Philadelphia, PA) - “Untitled (Marrakesh)”
Lisa DiGiacomo (Dublin, OH) - “Guardian Angel”
Susan DiPronio (Philadelphia, PA) - “Claudia”
Jade Doskow (Brooklyn, NY) - “New York 1964 World’s Fair, ‘Peace Through Understanding,’ New York State Pavilion”
Paul Drzal (Philadelphia, PA) - “Down the Rabbit Hole”
Richard Edic (Rochester, NY) - “Still Life/Point of Origin”
Linn Edwards (Brooklyn, NY) - “Shaina”
Jessica Eis (Chicago, IL) - “House 2″
Tealia Ellis-Ritter (Barrington, IL) - “My Dream is to Realize Who I Truly Am”
Gregg Evans (Brooklyn, NY) - “Luis. 10/06″
Michael Flicek (Casper, WY) - “Waiting for Work, Wahan”
Andrew Frost (Milligan College, TN) - “Untitled”
Dave Hammaker (East Freedom, PA) - “Beijing Café”
Andrew Held (Cambridge, MA) - “Antonio”, “Hazelton at Dusk”
Kate Harrold (Philadelphia, PA) - “Pool”
Samuel Herlinger (Astoria, NY) - “Bronx Pedestrian Bridge”
Keiko Hiromi (Dorchester, MA) - “Twelve Tribe 3″
Ales Hlousek (Boston, MA) “Toledo East #44″
Linda Hollinger (Philadelphia, PA) - “Michael”
Caroline Houdek (Marine, MN) - “Icicles”
Phil Jackson (Philadelphia, PA) - “Davis with Deer, Upstate NY 2007″
Sarah Kaufman (Brooklyn, NY) - “Untitled, Blue Smoke”, “Untitled, Orange Sofa”
Ariel Kessler (Boston, MA) - “Bushwick Self Portrait, 2007″
Joetta Maue (Brooklyn, NY) - “After They Left”
Monika Merva (Brooklyn, NY) “Ryan 2007″
Donna Moore (Blaine, TN) - “Transformation”
Michael O’Shea (Brooklyn, NY) - “Noah & Chrissy”
Allen Palmer (Newton Highlands, MA) - “Tribeca 5″, “Murray Hill 1″
Elizabeth Paone (Fort Washington, PA) - “Cold Streets”
Jeff Phillips (Chicago, IL) - “Oak Street Beach, 2008″
Stefanie Pluta (New York, NY)”Butter”
Filippo Poli (Barcelona, Spain) - “Menorca Island Quarry 02″
Jason Reblando (Chicago, IL) - “Alfonso, Chicago”
Ellen Rennard (Groton, MA) - “Ponce”
Brook Reynolds (Atlanta, GA) - “Wisteria”
Jason Rusnock (Philadelphia, PA) - “Untitled”
Nadia Sablin (Tempe, AZ) - “Betsy in the Pool”
Samantha Sheehan (Philadelphia, PA) - “Matt”, “Self Portrait”
Patrica Sandler (Los Angeles, CA)”The Bench”
Isaac Schell (Philadelphia, PA) - “Somewhere in South Philadelphia, I know it was not a dream”
David Simonton (Raleigh, NC) - “Troy, North Carolina”
Ryan Steele (Asheville, NC) - “Vision Video”
Robert Stephenson (Brooklyn, NY) - “Rome 2007″
Sean Stewart (Philadelphia, PA) - “Edger Thomson Works, Braddock, PA”
John Wall (Raleigh, NC) - “Man with Cap”
Jake Warford (Baltimore, MD) - “Ice Cold Sodas $1″
Phillip Windell (Pgh, PA) - “Slacker”
Liz Wolfe (Toronto, Canada) - “Tentacles With Synthetic Flowers”
Jia Zhang (Pittsburgh, PA) - “His Eyes”
Anna Zozulinsky (Stanford, CA) - “Dead Sea #1″
* List is in alphabetical order


Jacobs War said...

Congrats on getting into Onward 09', look foward to meeting you in Philly.

gregg evans said...

Thanks Jacob, same to you!

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