Friday, March 13, 2009

Awful Madoff Paintings

"No one was willing to buy what was quite likely the most inflammatory piece of art at this year’s Armory Show — a 60-inch-by-90-inch watercolor of Bernard L. Madoff — but plenty of people had interesting ideas on what to do with the painting, and its infamous subject, who stands accused of operating a $50 billion worldwide Ponzi scheme.

“They should charge a buck a dart to toss at that thing,” said Brian Tepper, 39, an artist and art therapist, as he stared at Mr. Madoff’s outsized visage, which gazed back with a faint smile and almost wistful eyes. The portrait, rendered in gray, black and white by the Chinese-born artist Yan Pei-Ming, was priced at $100,000.

Mr. Tepper was with two artist friends, Chris Cozel, 52, who remarked that she would like to see Mr. Madoff “crucified,” and Virginia Dutton, also 52, who proposed doing a portrait of Mr. Madoff, in one of her favorite mediums: blood. "

Taken from "A Painting Called Good, but Only as a Dart Board" By Cara Buckley, New York Times, March 8, 2009.

Art fairs always manage to bring out the best in new ideas for bad art.

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