Friday, May 22, 2009

Marc Hundley

Marc Hundley, Vulgar, the Lack of Compassion for the Lives of , 33 x 22 inches, Ink on paper, 2009

I picked this up last night at Bellweather's new show "A SONG FOR THOSE IN SEACH OF WHAT THEY CAME WITH", which I highly recommend. I can't find any real information on the artist online, other than a group show at Rivington Arms in 2003 and a Butt Magazine and New York Times Magazine fashion spread from 2008. Anyone know anything about them? Am I totally blind? His work was pretty rad; theres got to be more information out there if he was featured in the times and showed at Rivington Arms.


satanarchy said...

Marc is a good friend an an amazing artist - we were in a group show together out here (LA) last year at Cherry and Martin.... the should have some images on their site.

He lives in brooklyn.

gregg evans said...

Thanks for the info! I'll check out Cherry & Martin's site. It's too bad he doesn't have a website, I'd really like to see more work.

Anonymous said...

Marc has produced different types of work through the years. There was a whole period of typewriter art. Then the tshirt phase with silkscreened slogans such as "It's hard to live in the city". Not aware of his current work but its always interesting. I have a Christmas card created by Marc. On a plain piece of card, Happy Holidays is typed out with a razor blade affixed above. I have it framed. Marc and his twin brother Ian also appeared in a 1994 issue of Vogue alongside supermodel Linda Evangelista. It launched their brief New York modelling careers. Marc is photographer Ryan McGinley's boyfriend. Marc and Ian are originally from South River, Ontario but have lived in Williamsburg, NY since 1995.