Friday, September 4, 2009

New 4x5 Shrine Images!

So for the longest time I didn't have a tripod and couldn't use my 4x5. Then my friend Sam, who I went to Purchase with a few years ago, let me borrow an old Manfrotto he had lying around that he wasn't using after I bumped into him on the subway, and I've since been back in love with my 4x5. These are my two favorites from some recent stuff I've been shooting. More to come as I get things developed. I'm thinking I'm going to use these within various sculptures, using photographic elements to create physical shrines rather than re-photographing shrines I make in my kitchen. I really like the idea of experiencing a photograph in overtly physical ways, like looking at a photograph and associating a scent with it, or lighting a series of candles in front of it.

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