Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some Installation images of the Registered show I found on the White Columns website. I also really like what they wrote about the project:

"Gregg Evans presents a selection of photographs from “The Things I Once Owned” series, a recent body of work which was prompted by the sale of his childhood home. In the artist’s former bedroom, Evans meticulously staged and photographed belongings from his childhood and adolescence. The depicted objects range from such keepsakes as a card from his grandmother, a photograph of his father, to mementos from his teen years, i.e., autographs by the band Le Tigre in a day planner, art school catalogs, a collection of pins… suggesting a personal, yet unresolved, narrative. Evans’ process is closely linked to performance and challenges the idea of the document and its relationship to sentimentality, nostalgia and permanence. "

It's a slow day at work, sue me.

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Slow day sue you I'm suing forw ahwsere