Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Work

So these are some new images that I've just recently begun shooting. I'm not entirely sure where they are going, but I am kind of in love with them right now. I really enjoy the fact that I'm not in control of things, that even as I am taking the photograph, someone could move or the light could change and the image could turn out entirely different than I had planned. There is something incredibly creepy about them, as if I'm some old man peering out the window, watching people go about their day. Right now I feel as if there is something really jarring about them, yet extremely pretty and jewel like, as if the moment these people are having is final and will never happen again. I couldn't help but think of these while watching the last shots of Fail-Safe last night... not to say that they are the same, but I hope they have some of that sense of unknowing finality to them.

Maybe it's just nice to do something new and not question it.

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