Sunday, July 13, 2008

The State of Upstate

Some scans of my recent zine, The State of Upstate, which is set to be selling at Dashwood Books in the coming weeks.

I'm pleased with the outcome, for a first attempt since high school, but I think there are a few things I'd like to do differently next time. My friend Sam made his so that the book is actually made of foldout posters, which i totally love. I feel like that may be cheaper, and a little more polished than my attempt, but retain a bit of a home made feel, which was my idea for my project. Some ideas for next time...

I went to some galleries yesterday, but didn't see much I liked. I hate summer shows most of the time, so I guess this comes as no big surprise. I was really excited to see the show up at Plane Space Gallery, since it had some Steven B. Smith work included, but was pretty not thrilled by rest of the work. I normally feel the opposite, but I'm a much bigger fan of Steven Smith's work in black & white than I am in color... The color images felt sort of sentimental, which seems strange for him. I did like the Maureen Keaveny images up however, and as usual, thoroughly enjoyed the work up at White Columns. The Oliver Wasow Expansible Catalog Project up in the back gallery is really quite amazing.

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